Abdullah Al Yusuf

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Benniseed and bambara groundnut seeds were roasted at 80 and 120°C for 10-60min. For both flours, the effects of roasting temperature and time on selected functional properties and chemical composition were determined, as were the effects of pH on the emulsification capacity and nitrogen solubility. The chemical constituents of the raw flours were present(More)
The yield increases often recorded in maize following grain legumes have been attributed to fixed-N and ‘other rotation’ effects, but these effects have rarely been separated. Field trials were conducted between 2003 and 2005 to measure these effects on maize following grain legumes in the northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria. Maize was grown on plots(More)
Assuring quality of service (QoS) is an extreme challenge in cellular multimedia delivery especially in single path transmission. One possible way to improve QoS is to provide multipath transmission. In this paper, we introduce a novel multi-path cellular network architecture through placement of additional base stations (BSs), i.e., antennae in the(More)
In spatial resolution reduction transcoding, the original resolution of the incoming frames is reduced to a lower resolution in the outgoing frames. In the reduced resolution the motion vector of every macroblock needs to be calculated from the corresponding four macroblock of the original frame. Instead of reestimating these motion vectors, a number of(More)
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