Abdullah Al-Mamun

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In most agricultural systems, one of the major concerns is to reduce the growth of weeds. In most cases, removal of the weed population in agricultural fields involves the application of chemical herbicides, which has had successes in increasing both crop productivity and quality. However, concerns regarding the environmental and economic impacts of(More)
— Path following controller, designed according to the principle of following a virtual robot, for a gyroscopically stabilized single-wheeled robot (gyrobot) is presented in this paper. Linear and angular velocities of the virtual robot are pre-computed such that it follows the desired path. These velocities also constitute the feed-forward component of the(More)
This paper illustrates a method of planning the geographic distribution of health facilities in order to maximize the social benefits achievable from the investment. Data from Bangladesh have been used to determine the optimal distribution of emergency obstetric care (EOC) facilities in the country using the estimates of average social cost per woman. Costs(More)
Cognitive radio (CR) has been proposed as a promising and effective technology to improve radio spectrum utilization. The primary objective of the CR is to handle the non-interference rules with any primary users (PUs). Highly sensitive and optimal spectrum sensing detectors are required in order to avoid harmful interference to PUs. Multitaper spectrum(More)
In conventional cropping systems, removal of weed population tends to rely heavily on the application of chemical herbicides, which has had successes in attaining higher profitability. However, concerns regarding the adverse effects of excessive herbicide applications have prompted increasing interests in seeking alternative weed control approaches. Rather(More)
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