Abdullah Al Amin

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This paper proposes 80Gb/s multi-wavelength optical packet switching(OPS) using a PLZT switch. The Multi-wavelength OPS Network can achieve low implementation costs compared to existing OPS networks in which the number of wavelengths is large. In this network, the header is processed separately from the payload. The payload is divided into multiple(More)
SUMMARY An 8ch, 400 GHz monolithically integrated WDM channel selector featuring an array of quantum well semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) and arrayed waveguidegrating demultiplexer is presented. Reduction of fabrication complexity was achieved by using a single step selective area MOVPE to realize the different bandgap profiles for the SOA array and(More)
Thermophiles are microorganisms that inhabit at extremely high temperature environment. Thermoenzymes from thermophilic microorganisms are heat-stable, able to withstand denaturants of extremely acidic and alkaline conditions, and thus, have a considerable potential for many industrial applications. The aim of this study was to isolate and characterize(More)
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