Abdullah Ahmed Gibriel

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Hearing impairment (HI) is the most frequent sensory defect. Genetic causes are involved in two thirds of prelingual cases. Moreover, the autosomal recessive HI frequency is increased in countries where there is a high rate of consanguinity, such as in North African Mediterranean countries. This population shares several features, including history and(More)
Production and evaluation of different diet formulas fortified with oyster shell for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Eighty-eight female albino rats were recruited and divided into 11 groups (8 rats each). Group 1 represented negative control while the remaining groups were ovariectomized. Group 2 acted as positive control. Groups 3-5 were fed(More)
DNA microarrays are considered by many researchers to be the platform of choice for the high-throughput analysis of nucleic acids. Since the past two decades, they have been used constantly as powerful tools in differential gene expression, SNP genotyping, DNA sequencing, gene discovery, disease diagnostic and pathways reconstruction. Several methods have(More)
Y chromosome STRs (Y-STRs) are being used frequently in forensic laboratories. Previous studies of Y-STR polymorphisms in different groups of the Tunisian population identified low levels of diversity and discrimination capacity (DC) using various commercial marker sets. This definitely limits the use of such systems for Y-STRs genotyping in Tunisia. In our(More)
INTRODUCTION In recent years much progress has been made in the development of tools for systems biology to study the levels of mRNA and protein, and their interactions within cells. However, few multiplexed methodologies are available to study cell signalling directly at the transcription factor level. METHODS Here we describe a sensitive, plasmid-based(More)
DNA microarrays are widely used as end point detectors for gene expression analysis. Several methods have been developed for target labelling to enable quantification but without taking target length into consideration. Here we highlight the importance of choosing the optimum target length that would ensure specificity without compromising sensitivity of(More)
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