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For the determination of lenalidomide using carbamazepine as an internal standard, an ultra-fast stability indicating LC-MS/MS method was developed, validated and optimized to support clinical advancement. The samples were prepared by solid-phase extraction. The calibration range was 2-1000 ng mL(-1), for which a quadratic regression (1/x(2)) was best(More)
PURPOSE For the determination of desloratadine (DES) and 3-OH desloratadine (3-OHD) in human plasma using deutrated desloratadine (DESD5) as internal standard (IS), a novel stability indicating liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method was developed and validated to support the clinical advancement. MATERIALS AND METHODS The solid-phase(More)
A study was conducted to assess the morpho-physiological divergence among 21 T. Aman rice cultivars at BRRI regional station, Sonagazi, Feni, during July 2008 to December 2008. Data were collected on 13 morphological and 14 physiological traits. Cluster analysis were carried out separately by using two softwares viz. GENSTAT v 5.5 and SPSS v 12.0 where in,(More)
Following a radioactive dispersal device (RDD) incident, it may be necessary to evaluate the internal contamination levels of a large number of potentially affected individuals to determine if immediate medical follow-up is necessary. Since the current laboratory capacity to screen for internal contamination is limited, rapid field screening methods can be(More)
After a radiological dispersal device (RDD) event, people could become internally contaminated by inhaling dispersed radioactive particles. A rapid method to screen individuals who are internally contaminated is desirable. Such initial screening can help in prompt identification of those who are highly contaminated and in prioritising individuals for(More)
The detonation of a radiological dispersion device may result in a situation where individuals inhale radioactive materials and require rapid assessment of internal contamination. The feasibility of using a 2×2-inch sodium-iodide detector to determine the committed effective dose to an individual following acute inhalation of gamma-emitting radionuclides(More)
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