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Many factors have been implicated in the aetiology of varicose veins; however, there is ample evidence implicating that the defect is in the wall of the lower limb veins. In order to know the pathological changes in the tunica intima of varicose veins, the smooth muscle cells (SMCs), collagen and elastin of varicose and control patients were studied by(More)
One causal model of preeclampsia (PE) postulates that placental hypoxia alters the production of angiogenic growth effectors (AGEs), causing an imbalance leading to maternal endothelial cell dysfunction. We tested this model using the natural experiment of high-altitude (HA) residence. We hypothesized that in HA pregnancies 1) circulating soluble fms-like(More)
Shelf life of meat and meat products is related to lipid oxidation, pH, and microbial growth. These are the main factors that affect the nutritional, sensory and physical characteristics through the formation of toxic compounds, off flavors, off odors, undesirable color and gas production. The objective of this study was to compare the effect of newly(More)
In vitro testing of total knee replacements (TKRs) is important both at the design stage and after the production of the final components. It can predict long-term in vivo wear of TKRs. The two philosophies for knee testing are to drive the motion by displacement or to drive the motion by force. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. For force(More)
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  • British journal of anaesthesia
  • 1980
The actions of diazepam and droperidol were studied on the spontaneously active and oxytocin-treated oestrus rat uterus. Both drugs significantly depressed the frequency of uterine contraction. Droperidol reduced the amplitude of contractions and the basal tone of the tissue. The sensitivity of the tissue to both drugs was enhanced in the presence of the(More)
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