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Evaluation of herd structure of white Fulani cattle holdings in Zaria-Nigeria
A survey of 20 Fulani households in Zaria and environs revealed that the maximum and minimum herd size of Fulani cattle holdings in Zaria was 69 and 16, respectively, with the mean herd size of 42.Expand
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Model Prediction of Particulate Dispersion from a Cement Mill Stack : Case Study of a Cement Plant In Nigeria
This research work was necessitated as a result of high pollution rate of particulate matters within and outside cement plants in Nigeria. The study plans to applied Gaussian predictive model toExpand
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Thyroid Examination in Low-Radiation Exposed Iraqi Clean-up Workers—Immunogenetic Study
Aim: Twenty nine Iraqi cleanup workers at Al-Tuwaitha Research site were examined for the prevalence of thyroid disorders. Materials and Methods: Serological evidence were carried out by measuringExpand
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Antibacterial Activity of Lyngbya and Chroococcus Species Isolated from Koya (Hizoop River)
In the study cyanobacterial strains were isolated from different sites of Hizoop rivers, Koya-Iraq and identified according to their morphological characters by using microscope, two genera whichExpand
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This study examined the impact of relationship marketing on customer satisfaction Tin three customer most focused banks according to KPMG 2014 report. Primary data with the aid of a structuredExpand
Financial Control System and Organizational Effectiveness of Colleges of Legal and Islamic Studies in Nigeria
This study was a correctional research which investigated the relationship between financial control system and organizational effectiveness in Colleges of Legal and Islamic Studies in Nigeria.Expand
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Effect of Herd's Activities on Sediment Yields in a Watershed
The activities of herds’ has created several migratory pathways, fetching leaves of the trees, trapping on both water and ground surfaces, the effects that has resulted into loss of naturalExpand
Effect of the Chemical Mutagens Sodium Azide on Plant Regeneration of Two Tomato Cultivars under Salinity Stress Condition in vitro
The study was carried out to induce variations and stimulate callus induction, plant regeneration from different explants of two tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars Trescantos and superExpand
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