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A Survey on Sensor-Cloud: Architecture, Applications, and Approaches
Nowadays, wireless sensor network (WSN) applications have been used in several important areas, such as healthcare, military, critical infrastructure monitoring, environment monitoring, andExpand
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Evaluating and Improving the Depth Accuracy of Kinect for Windows v2
Microsoft Kinect sensor has been widely used in many applications since the launch of its first version. Recently, Microsoft released a new version of Kinect sensor with improved hardware. However,Expand
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How Close are We to Realizing a Pragmatic VANET Solution? A Meta-Survey
Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are seen as the key enabling technology of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). In addition to safety, VANETs also provide a cost-effective platform forExpand
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A Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning-Based Streaming Spam Tweets Detection
The popularity of Twitter attracts more and more spammers. Spammers send unwanted tweets to Twitter users to promote websites or services, which are harmful to normal users. In order to stopExpand
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Robust extended chaotic maps-based three-factor authentication scheme preserving biometric template privacy
Due to its high level of security, three-factor authentication combining password, smart card and biometrics has received much interest in the past decades. Recently, Islam proposed a dynamicExpand
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Maximizing quality of experience through context‐aware mobile application scheduling in cloudlet infrastructure
Application software execution requests, from mobile devices to cloud service providers, are often heterogeneous in terms of device, network, and application runtime contexts. These heterogeneousExpand
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Cloud-assisted IoT-based health status monitoring framework
Internet of Things (IoT), leveraging interconnected sensors (i.e., wireless body area network (WBAN), can offer opportunities for real time monitoring of patient health status and manage patients andExpand
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Enhancing SVM performance in intrusion detection using optimal feature subset selection based on genetic principal components
Intrusion detection is very serious issue in these days because the prevention of intrusions depends on detection. Therefore, accurate detection of intrusion is very essential to secure informationExpand
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EIAS-CP: new efficient identity-based authentication scheme with conditional privacy-preserving for VANETs
In VANETs, vehicles broadcast traffic-related messages periodically according to Dedicated Short Range Communication protocol. To ensure the reliability and integrity of messages, authenticationExpand
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A new authenticated key agreement scheme based on smart cards providing user anonymity with formal proof
Nowadays, smart-card-based user authentication becomes one of the most important security issues. But many schemes of that kind are under different attacks. Recently, Kumari et al. pointed that ChenExpand
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