Abdulelah G. Saif

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Software quality estimation is one of essential aspects in software projects. Accurate quality estimates are necessary for goodly developing software systems. Many estimation methods have been proposed. Among those methods, COQUAMO, the model used to estimate the quality of the software project in defects/KSLOC (or some other unit of size). Nowadays,(More)
There are many project changes (project options) that affect project estimates (effort, time and quality). The goal is to find the best project changes that optimize those project estimates. This problem was solved by some techniques including STAR (AI search tool), however, this technique didn't produce stable results, and case-based reasoning (CBR) which(More)
Problem Data-Based Optimization (PDBO) algorithm is appeared in 2015 by Abdulelah Saif, Safia Abbas and Zaki Fayed for combinatorial optimization problems and is applied to Discrete Time, Cost and Quality Trade -off problem (DTCQTP). In this paper, Problem Data-Based Optimization (PDBO) algorithm is adapted to solve continuous optimization problems. The(More)
Software project manager's goal is getting an optimal allocation of time, cost and quality of each task/activity in the software project such that total time and cost of the project is minimized while project quality is maximized. Accordingly, mathematical and meta-heuristic algorithms have been developed in order to solve such riddle. This research paper(More)
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