Abdulcabbar Sönmez

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1. Preliminaries, background and notation We denote the set of all real and complex valued sequences, by ω which forms a vector space with addition and scalar multiplication of sequences. Any vector subspace ofω is called a sequence space.We shall write l∞, c and c0 for the classical sequence spaces of all bounded, convergent and null sequences,(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 2. The Difference Sequence Spaces c 0 B and c λ B of Non-Absolute Type The difference sequence spaces have been studied by several authors in different ways see e.g. 12, 16–21 . In the present section, we introduce the spaces c 0 Δ , and c λ Δ , and show that these spaces are BK-spaces of non-absolute type which are norm isomorphic to(More)
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