Abdulaziz Alorainy

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In this paper, we adopt an energy-efficiency (EE) metric, named worst-EE, that is suitable for EE fairness optimization in the uplink transmission of amplify-and-forward (AF) cooperative orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) networks. More specifically, we assign subcarriers and allocate powers for mobile and relay stations in order to(More)
In this paper, we consider a coordinated multipoint (CoMP) dynamic cell selection (DCS) scheme in order to improve performances of sleeping cell users. According to this DCS scheme, packets for user equipments (UEs) in a sleeping cell are randomly forwarded to the potential active base stations (BSs) by the packet serving gateway (PSG) and UEs in the(More)
Small-cell networks (SCNs) have emerged as a potential solution to the rapidly increasing demand for high data rates. The base stations (also referred to as access nodes) of the small cells provide service to a group of users through the access link and they are connected to the core/global network via a backhaul link. In this paper, we develop a queuing(More)
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