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The paper is devoted to the investigation of synchronization for an array of linearly and diffusively coupled inertial delayed neural networks (DNNs). By placing feedback control on a small fraction of network nodes, the entire coupled DNNs can be synchronized to a common objective trajectory asymptotically. Two different analysis methods, including matrix(More)
This paper deals with the finite-time boundedness and stabilization problem for a class of switched neural networks with time-varying delay and parametric uncertainties. Based on Lyapunov-like function method and average dwell time technique, some sufficient conditions are derived to guarantee the finite-time boundedness of considered uncertain switched(More)
In this paper, a new synchronization problem for the collective dynamics among genetic oscillators with unbounded time-varying delay is investigated. The dynamical system under consideration consists of an array of linearly coupled identical genetic oscillators with each oscillators having unbounded time-delays. A new concept called power-rate(More)
In the past few years, distributed cooperative control of multiagent systems has received much attention from various scientific fields due to its wide engineering applications. A multiagent system typically contains numerous nodes and lots of links among these individual nodes. It is thus difficult or practically impossible to design a centralized(More)
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