Abdulaziz Alkandari

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In this research, we present the optimization problem of packing identical spheres (PSS) of unit radii into the smallest sphere. It models PSS as a non-linear program (NLP) and approximately solves it using a hybrid heuristic which couples a variable neighborhood search (VNS) with a local search (LS). VNS investigates the neighborhood of a feasible local(More)
Due to the growth of computer networks, the word routing protocol has spread with a notice able speed making a huge impact through the world of networking. Various types of routing protocols have been used in lots of fields, each field uses the protocols that suit its needs with consideration to several metrics such as power and bandwidth consumption. In(More)
Kuwait is a democratic country that has used paper ballots for its parliament elections for many years. Although many people are content with the paper ballot, a survey shows that it has drawbacks, which have made some people lose confidence in the system and would prefer a replacement electronic system. However, the survey also shows that voters are(More)
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