Abdulaziz Albatli

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As Cloud Computing becomes the trend of information technology computational model, the Cloud security is becoming a major issue in adopting the Cloud where security is considered one of the most critical concerns for the large customers of Cloud (i.e. governments and enterprises). Such valid concern is mainly driven by the Multi-Tenancy situation which(More)
Cloud Computing allows users to control substantial computing power for complex data processing, generating huge and complex data. However, the virtual resources requested by users are rarely utilized to their full capacities. To mitigate this, providers often perform over-commitment to maximize profit, which can result in node overloading and consequent(More)
Determining live weather data for outdoor sporting events is very important for athletes because it can have a big influence on the standard of their performance. However, in some locations there are no live weather stations that athletes can rely on; therefore, the proposed idea is to create an automated system that can collect weather data from two nearby(More)
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