Abdulameer Hussain

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This paper presents a proposed multilevel authentication method which is implemented especially in sensitive applications where they contain multilevel secure and confidential data. The proposed method divides the system into multiple sensitive levels and tests users against different authentication methods for each level. Most levels are subdivided further(More)
This paper presents an effective solution to enhance the security of RSA scheme. The objective of this proposed method is to eliminate the redundant messages occurred in some values of n, the product of two prime numbers, and this is considered as a weak point in the RSA method. The solution depends on appending extra agreement secure information. This(More)
This paper presents an advanced keystroke authentication model improving users’ validation strength. The proposed system is based on defining a keystroke structure for each authorized user, to be used in the user login attempts. This structure is composed based on two components; the user’s typing time deviation thresholds; and a unique user secret code(More)
This research work explores the use of mobile and positioning technologies stimulating a context adaptive and location-based learning model. The proposed model utilizes a set of context factors for learning service dissemination; described as learning service area, learning service type, and service interaction level. In addition, the new model considers(More)
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