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In this paper, we investigate the control and synchronization of chaos in nonlinear gyros. The control analysis is based on backstepping approach that interlace the appropriate choice of a Lyapunov function, while the synchronization is based on adaptive backstepping design. The designed control functions ensures stable controlled and synchronized states(More)
We study chaotic phase synchronization of unidirectionally coupled deterministic chaotic ratchets. The coupled ratchets were simulated in their chaotic states and perfect phase locking was observed as the coupling was gradually increased. We identified the region of phase synchronization for the ratchets and show that the transition to chaotic phase(More)
The bifurcation and chaotic behavior of unidirectionally coupled deterministic ratchets is studied as a function of the driving force amplitude and frequency . A classification of the various types of bifurcations likely to be encountered in this system was done by examining the stability of the steady state in linear response as well as constructing a(More)
In this paper, we investigate the synchronization of chaotic systems consisting of non-identical parametrically excited oscillators. The active control technique is employed to design control functions based on Lyapunov stability theory and Routh–Hurwitz criteria so as to achieve global chaos synchronization between a parametrically excited gyroscope and(More)
We present preliminary numerical findings concerning measure synchronization in a pair of coupled Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems (NLHS) derived from a Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation (NLSE). The dynamics of the two coupled NLHS were found to exhibit a transition to coherent invariant measure; their orbits sharing the same phase space as the coupling strength(More)
The dynamics and response of particles in an asymmetric potential of the ratchet type is considered. An approximate asymmetric ratchet potential, which allows us to apply an analytical approach to investigate the systems' response, is proposed based on the power series interpolation scheme. The method of multiple scales (MMS) is then employed to obtain an(More)
This work examines the effect of block sizes on attributes (robustness, capacity, time of water-marking, visibility and distortion) of watermarked digital images using Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) function. The DCT function breaks up the image into various frequency bands and allows watermark data to be easily embedded. The advantage of this(More)
In this paper, a new synchronization scheme, combination synchronization , is used to realize reduced order function projective synchronization among three chaotic Josephson junction systems using backstepping technique. In the first case, function projective synchronization of two (2) third order drive systems with a single second order Josephson junction(More)
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