Abdul Wasay

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Data center operators face extreme challenges in simultaneously providing low latency for short flows, high throughput for long flows, and high burst tolerance. We propose a buffer management strategy that addresses these challenges by isolating short and long flows into separate buffers, sizing these buffers based on flow requirements, and scheduling(More)
In the last lecture, we started discussing the problem of compressed sensing where we are given a sparse signal and we want to reconstruct is using as little measurements as possible. We looked into how sparsity manifests itself in images which are approximately sparse in Haar wavelet basis. In this lecture we will look at • Recap a bit about compressive(More)
—Curiosity, a fundamental drive amongst higher living organisms, is what enables exploration, learning and creativity. In our increasingly data-driven world, data exploration, i.e., making sense of mounting haystacks of data, is akin to intelligence for science, business and individuals. However, modern data systems – designed for data retrieval rather than(More)
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