Abdul Wahab Muzaffar

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Security in today's world is one of the important challenges that people are facing all over the world in every aspect of their lives. Similarly security in electronic world has a great significance. In this paper, we survey the security of database. This is an area of substantial interest in database because we know that, the use of database is(More)
The information extraction from unstructured text segments is a complex task. Although manual information extraction often produces the best results, it is harder to manage biomedical data extraction manually because of the exponential increase in data size. Thus, there is a need for automatic tools and techniques for information extraction in biomedical(More)
Computing is generally a combination of tools and technologies, which we may broadly refer to as software, hardware, connectivity, protocols and standards. In the recent years, mobile industry has experienced a phenomenal growth in mobile computing also known as pervasive computing. The field of pervasive computing is painting the picture of future as this(More)
Multimedia Database Security is a challenging concept in Database Management Systems. The use of Multimedia DBMS technology has increased terrifically over the last few years on the web as well as in several software applications. A multimedia communication system facilitates basic functions of Multimedia Database i. e. generation of multimedia data, its(More)
Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has great clinical significance in detection and diagnosis of epilepsy. Various neuro-imaging markers have been extracted from time series data using statistical and connectivity measures. Powerful data mining rules, association based techniques and classifiers are used to extract information from(More)
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