Abdul Wahab Muzaffar

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Security in today's world is one of the important challenges that people are facing all over the world in every aspect of their lives. Similarly security in electronic world has a great significance. In this paper, we survey the security of database. This is an area of substantial interest in database because we know that, the use of database is(More)
The information extraction from unstructured text segments is a complex task. Although manual information extraction often produces the best results, it is harder to manage biomedical data extraction manually because of the exponential increase in data size. Thus, there is a need for automatic tools and techniques for information extraction in biomedical(More)
Computing is generally a combination of tools and technologies, which we may broadly refer to as software, hardware, connectivity, protocols and standards. In the recent years, mobile industry has experienced a phenomenal growth in mobile computing also known as pervasive computing. The field of pervasive computing is painting the picture of future as this(More)
Sorting algorithms and the sorting itself is an important concept in computational field. In this research study, we are proposing a unique sorting algorithm, based on assuming the first value as smallest and comparing it with the rest of the list and assuming the last value as biggest and comparing it with the rest of the list. Running cost analysis and(More)
Multimedia Database Security is a challenging concept in Database Management Systems. The use of Multimedia DBMS technology has increased terrifically over the last few years on the web as well as in several software applications. A multimedia communication system facilitates basic functions of Multimedia Database i. e. generation of multimedia data, its(More)
Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has great clinical significance in detection and diagnosis of epilepsy. Various neuro-imaging markers have been extracted from time series data using statistical and connectivity measures. Powerful data mining rules, association based techniques and classifiers are used to extract information from(More)
Feature selection reduces a data set into a subset which also represents the entire data with less computational complexity and performance does not affect much. However, to extract such a subset is a nontrivial task although there are a number of methods to handle this problem. In the near past an approach based on rough set have been used for feature(More)
Considering today's surge of information, the need for well organized knowledge bases is increasing rapidly for providing simplified access to knowledge and its further processing. In biomedical domain, heaps of information is buried in scientific publications and online forums. This calls for representing this information in a more expressive semantic way(More)
Biomedical ontologies are being developed in a great quantity since the last decade. Due to the complex structure of ontologies and difficult terminologies of biomedical domain, the evaluation of these ontologies turns out to be a challenging task. It is utmost need of current ontology researchers and developers to evaluate the quality of these biomedical(More)
Software architecture is the bridge between business goal and software system. Choosing and designing an architecture that satisfies the functional as well as the quality attribute requirements (reliability, security and performance, etc.) is vital to the success of the system. This applies equally to any application domains of computer software e.g.(More)