Abdul Wahab Ansari

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Most of the neurological manifestations of the aortic dissection are due to neuronal ischemia secondary to either extension of the dissection process into a branch artery, or compression of an artery by the false lumen of the dissecting aortic hematoma. However, the enlarging false lumen may directly compress on an adjacent nerve, causing neuronal injury(More)
Text to Speech Synthesis along with the Speech Recognition is widely used throughout the world to enhance the accessibility of the information and enable even the disabled persons to interact with the computers in order to get the potential benefit from this high-tech revolution. In this paper we introduce a bi-lingual novel algorithm for the synthesis of(More)
BACKGROUND Resolution of ST-segment elevation is the best bedside predictor of myocardial reperfusion. HYPOTHESIS This study was conducted to examine the resolution of ST-segment elevation after streptokinase therapy in anterior versus inferior acute myocardial infarction (MI) and to corroborate it with echocardiographic and coronary angiographic data. (More)
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a primary disease of myocardium resulting in myocardial hypertrophy without any inciting pressure or volume overload. The typical triad of symptoms includes exertional angina, syncope, and shortness of breath. Sudden cardiac death, the most dreadful complication of this disorder, can be the first manifestation of the disease(More)
In this study proteins were analyzed from pea plants at three different growth stages of stem by spectrophotometric i.e Lowry and Bradford quantitative methods and computer colour intensity based method. Though Spectrophotometric methods are regarded as classical methods, we report an alternate computer based method which gave comparable results. Computer(More)
A young pre-menopausal non-drug-addict woman without risk factors for coronary artery disease suffered from a non-Q-wave acute myocardial infarction. She presented with epigastric pain and vomiting. Diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction was not suspected at first because of her young age and lack of risk factors. She was treated for gastritis but(More)
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