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This Methodolical Review describes how health geomatics can improve our understanding of the important relationship between location and health, and thus assist us in Public Health tasks like disease prevention, and also in better healthcare service planning. The reader is first introduced to health geography and its two main divisions, disease ecology and(More)
Curved Planar Reformation (CPR) has proved to be a practical and widely used tool for the visualization of curved tubular structures within the human body. It has been useful in medical procedures involving the examination of blood vessels and the spine. However, it is more difficult to use it for large, tubular, structures such as the trachea and the colon(More)
In this paper, the design and evaluation of decision support systems, including those incorporating a telematic component, are considered. It is argued that effective design and evaluation are dependent upon the adoption of appropriate methodology set firmly within a systemic framework. Systems modeling is proposed as an approach to system design, with(More)
We present a multi-modal reasoning (MMR) methodology that integrates case-based reasoning (CBR), rule-based reasoning (RBR) and model-based reasoning (MBR), meant to provide physicians with a reliable decision support tool in the context of type 1 diabetes mellitus management. In particular, we have implemented a decision support system that is able to(More)
OBJECTIVE There is a need to integrate the various theoretical frameworks and formalisms for modeling clinical guidelines, workflows, and pathways, in order to move beyond providing support for individual clinical decisions and toward the provision of process-oriented, patient-centered, health information systems (HIS). In this review, we analyze the(More)
Automation bias (AB)--the tendency to over-rely on automation--has been studied in various academic fields. Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) aim to benefit the clinical decision-making process. Although most research shows overall improved performance with use, there is often a failure to recognize the new errors that CDSS can introduce. With a(More)
In the United Kingdom's National Health Service, quality indicators are generally measured electronically by using queries and data extraction, resulting in overlap and duplication of query components. Electronic measurement of health care quality indicators could be improved through an ontology intended to reduce duplication of effort during healthcare(More)
Diabetes Mellitus is approaching pandemic proportions across the globe. It is a disproportionately expensive condition, accounting for 5-9% of annual NHS expenditure. Family practices often play a huge role in the care of diabetic patients. Many GPs elect to play a larger role in diabetes care, but the increasing burden on the multidisciplinary secondary(More)