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Camera control techniques for interactive digital entertainment (IDE) are reaching their limits in terms of capabilities. To enable future growth, new methods must be derived to address these new challenges. Existing academic research into camera control is typically devoted to cinematography and guided exploration tasks, and is not directly applicable to(More)
The Minimum Vertex Cover (MVC) problem is a prominent NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem of great importance in both theory and application. Local search has proved successful for this problem. However, there are two main drawbacks in state-of-the-art MVC local search algorithms. First, they select a pair of vertices to exchange simultaneously,(More)
Local search techniques have attracted considerable interest in the artificial intelligence community since the development of GSAT and the minconflicts heuristic for solving propositional satisfiability (SAT) problems and binary constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) respectively. Newer techniques, such as the discrete Langrangian method (DLM), have(More)
Prediction of the structural classes of proteins can provide important information about their functionalities as well as their major tertiary structures. It is also considered as an important step towards protein structure prediction problem. Despite all the efforts have been made so far, finding a fast and accurate computational approach to solve protein(More)
Security and trust are fundamental challenges when it comes to the deployment of large wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we propose a novel hierarchical trust management scheme that minimizes communication and storage overheads. Our scheme takes into account direct and indirect (group) trust in trust evaluation as well as the energy associated with(More)