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Saudi Arabia has a bank-centric and diverse financial system compared with other countries in the region. This paper uses basic DEA models i.e. CCR and BCR to evaluate the relative efficiency of Saudi Banks using annual data from 2003 through 2008. The results show that, on a relative scale, Saudi banks were efficient in the management of their financial(More)
The study proposes an algorithm for noise cancellation by using recursive least square (RLS) and pattern recognition by using fusion method of Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) and Hidden Markov Model (HMM). Speech signals are often corrupted with background noise and the changes in signal characteristics could be fast. These issues are especially important for(More)
Since wireless medium is high demand resource the design of an efficient medium access protocol is important for Mobile Adhoc Networks. As MAC is the base layer in the protocol stack a performance gain in this layer will have significant improvement in the overall performance of the network. Since the current IEEE 802.11 MAC standard is not adaptive to the(More)
In a mobile computing environment, clients can access data irrespective of their physical location. Data is shared among multiple clients and can be updated by each client independently. This leads to inconsistency of the data. Due to limitations of mobile computing environment traditional techniques cannot be used. Several concurrency control techniques(More)
— Digital watermarking is not a new name in the tech neology world but there are different techniques in data hiding which are similar to watermarking. In this paper we compare digital watermarking with other techniques of data hiding. Stenography, Fingerprinting, cryptography and Digital signature techniques are compared with watermarking. We need water(More)
The Radix-4 Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is widely accepted for signal processing applications in wireless communication system. Here, we present a new Radix-4 FFT which reduces the operational count by 6% lesser than standard Radix-4 FFT without losing any arithmetic accuracy. Simulation results are also given for the verification of the algorithm.
Image compression is applied to many fields such as television dissemination, remote sensing, image storage. Digitized images are compressed by a method which exploits the redundancy of the images so that the number of bits required to represent the image can be reduced with acceptable degradation of the decoded image. The humiliation of the image quality(More)
Intelligence of a human being in general is considered as to its variations in the ability to learn, to function in society, and to behave according to contemporary social expectations Intelligence of a human being is associated with brain the brain is considered as the most complex biological existent structure. Electroencephalograph (EEG) is an instrument(More)