Abdul Sattar Raja

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In this manuscript we present a new multimodal biometric system based on neural networks self organizing maps (SOM) for the detection and recognition of face, ear and hand geometry. We use combined principal component analysis (PCA) and SOMs for the dimensionality reduction and then use it for the combined search space optimization of ear, face and hand(More)
  • Abdul Sattar Raja, Shukor Abd Razak
  • 2015
Computing as a utility, is a long held dream that comes true in the form of evolutional paradigm known as Cloud computing. It provides a gigantic storage with ubiquitous platform access and minimal hardware requirement at user end. Ultimate features and multidisciplinary utilization made its future incontestable, and equally attractive in academia and(More)
Mobile phone is no longer a piece of technology for communication only; it turns into a computation, context-aware, intelligent, and multi-media entertainment device. Capable of high performance computing, downloading heavy applications in an instance, watching TV, listening to streamed music, and even playing high quality interactive games, programmable,(More)
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