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PURPOSE The main objective of this research is the development of automated video processing and analysis procedures aimed at the recognition and characterization of the types of neonatal seizures. The long-term goal of this research is the integration of these computational procedures into the development of a stand-alone automated system that could be(More)
This paper presents an automated procedure developed to extract quantitative information from video recordings of neonatal seizures in the form of motor activity signals. This procedure relies on optical flow computation to select anatomical sites located on the infants' body parts. Motor activity signals are extracted by tracking selected anatomical sites(More)
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is well known pathogen that can cause benign and malignant tumors in humans, yet there is very little information regarding HPV types prevalent in Pakistan. A total of 92 cervical secretions were collected from suspected married female patients and used for DNA isolation using a novel isolation method. The samples were tested(More)
II. EXTRACTION OF TEMPORAL MOTOR ACTIVITY SIGNALS FROM VIDEO Abstract—This paper presents a new method for tracking features in video. This method estimates the displacement of a feature between two successive frames by minimizing an error function defined in terms of the feature intensities at these frames. Feature tracking relies on a rigid motion model,(More)
relatively expensive, are generally used for only a few hours of monitoring, and may not be routinely available in many centers. Automated processing and analysis of video recordings of neonatal seizures can generate novel methods for extracting quantitative information that is relevant only to the seizure. The extraction of quantitative information from(More)
The clinical value of serum or plasma is now so well established, that no well-equipped institution can afford to be without a store of the fluid. Although citrated whole blood is necessary in a ' banka proportion of one titrated blood to 10 of liquid serum or plasma ls a good practical arrangement. Plasma from 14-day-old citrated blood can be pooled and(More)
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