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Strength characteristic of polyurethane with variation of polyol to isocyanate mix ratio : A numerical analysis
Based on numerical analysis, we determine the ideal mix ratio of polyol-isocyanate content that influence the strength characteristic of polyurethane foam subjected to axial loadings. This paperExpand
Clay Stabilization Using OPC and Bottom Ash as Additives
Clay can be found in many parts of Malaysia. It is very susceptible to settlement due to its low shear strength. Therefore, stabilization is needed especially for a wide construction area. Nowadays,Expand
Investigation of prestressed concrete sleeper’s vibration located at KM71.75 And KM79
This research found that the actual deflection value from both sites were achieved, and it shows that the maximum deflection at northbound at KM79 is 13.72 mm for freight train and 1.5 mm at southbound for six set commuter train. Expand
Mathematical models for stress-strain curve prediction-a review
Many mathematical models developed to predict the stress-strain curve of soil. Most of them are complicated because of the complexity nature of soil material. Moreover, soil behavior is apparentlyExpand
Bioengineering Stabilization Method to Counter Rainfall-Induced Slope Failure
The application of vegetation as part of slope stability and to control erosion has proved to be cost-effective for stabilizing the surface of the slope. This research describes the uniqueExpand
Prediction of Stress-Strain Response Using Rotational Multiple Yield Surface Framework in Malaysian Residual Soil
Soil settlement is normally quantified using conventional soil volume change models which are solely based on the effective stress and the role of shear strength is ignored due to the difficulties toExpand