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Pulses in the sand: Impulse response analysis of wireless underground channel
In this paper, UG channel impulse response is modeled and validated via extensive experiments in indoor and field testbed settings. Expand
Internet of underground things in precision agriculture: Architecture and technology aspects
In this paper, state-of-the-art communication architectures are reviewed, and underlying sensing technology and communication mechanisms for IOUT are presented. Expand
Internet of Things in Smart Agriculture: Enabling Technologies
In this paper, an IoT technology research and innovation roadmap for the field of precision agriculture is presented. Expand
Impacts of Soil Type and Moisture on the Capacity of Multi-Carrier Modulation in Internet of Underground Things
In this paper, capacity profile of wireless underground (UG) channel for multi-carrier transmission techniques is analyzed based on empirical antenna return loss and channel frequency response models in different soil types and moisture values. Expand
Smart underground antenna arrays: A soil moisture adaptive beamforming approach
In this paper, a novel framework for underground beamforming using adaptive antenna arrays is presented to extend communication distances for practical applications. Expand
Internet of underground things: Sensing and communications on the field for precision agriculture
The projected increases in World population and need for food have recently motivated adoption of information technology solutions in crop fields within precision agriculture. Expand
Internet of Things for Sustainable Forestry
Forests and grasslands play an important role in water and air purification, prevention of the soil erosion, and in provision of habitat to wildlife. Internet of Things has a tremendous potential toExpand
Di-Sense: In situ real-time permittivity estimation and soil moisture sensing using wireless underground communications
In this paper, a method has been developed for real-time in situ estimation of relative permittivity of soil, and soil moisture, that is determined from the propagation path loss, and velocity of wave propagation of an underground (UG) transmitter and receiver link in wireless underground communications. Expand
Towards Internet of Underground Things in smart lighting: A statistical model of wireless underground channel
A statistical impulse response model of underground channel in IOUT communications is developed and validated through empirical evaluations. Expand
Wireless underground channel diversity reception with multiple antennas for internet of underground things
  • Abdul Salam, M. Vuran
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications…
  • 1 May 2017
This paper has reported the performance analysis of different modulation schemes of the UG wireless communication channel in an IOUT system. Expand