Abdul S Wahab

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About fifty indigenous clinical Klebsiella were isolated and identified on the basis of morphology, growth, and biochemical characteristics. Fifty two percent were identified as K. oxytoca, 42% as K. pneumoniae and 6% as K. ozaenae. All the isolates offered different resistance patterns (determined by medium incorporation-replica method) against antibiotics(More)
BACKGROUND As the HIV/AIDS pandemic has evolved over recent decades, Africa has been the most affected region, even though a large proportion of HIV/AIDS deaths have not been documented at the individual level. Systematic application of verbal autopsy (VA) methods in defined populations provides an opportunity to assess the mortality burden of the pandemic(More)
The objective of this cohort study was to assess the relationship between banana given as early solid food with the symptoms of intestinal obstruction (SIO) among neonates, in a rural community in West Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Mothers having newborn infants were interviewed and 3,420 neonates were followed for 28 days.(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria continues to be a major cause of infectious disease mortality in tropical regions. However, deaths from malaria are most often not individually documented, and as a result overall understanding of malaria epidemiology is inadequate. INDEPTH Network members maintain population surveillance in Health and Demographic Surveillance System(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality from external causes, of all kinds, is an important component of overall mortality on a global basis. However, these deaths, like others in Africa and Asia, are often not counted or documented on an individual basis. Overviews of the state of external cause mortality in Africa and Asia are therefore based on uncertain information. The(More)
Epilepsy is a serious neurological disorder that affects around 50 million people worldwide. Almost 30% of epileptic patients suffer from pharmacoresistance, which is associated with social isolation, dependent behaviour, low marriage rates, unemployment, psychological issues and reduced quality of life. Currently available antiepileptic drugs have a(More)
The following illustrates a case study of a 9 years-old girl with combined pericarditis and pleuritis caused by solitary extramedullary plasmacytoma. Pericardiocentesis and permanent thoracocentesis were performed, both yielded serohemorrhagic and serous fluid in succession. In the beginning etiological diagnosis was made on the basis of the clinical(More)
  • Muhammad Ghayoor, Abdul Qadoos, +8 authors Zeenat Fatima Khattak
  • 2015
Frequent environmental contaminants within microbiology laboratory create not only diagnostic quandaries but also poses major risk for health care workers and patients. Objective of our study was to isolate and identify the common laboratory contaminant bacteria with an ultimate goal to reduce false positive culture reports as well as Laboratory acquired(More)