Abdul S. Shibghatullah

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Bus crew scheduling is a complex problem to solve because of the large number of resources that need to be managed, complexity of allocating crew shifts, rising cost of crew and unpredictability of traffic and crew availability. This causes a difficulty to maintain an optimal schedule. Existing systems are excellent in producing optimal or near optimal(More)
This study focuses on deploying an evaluation system for lecturer to provide assessment document question sets such as final examination paper which is based on the outcome-based-education (OBE) approach. Using the OBE approach, student's level of understanding, skill and cognition is set to align with learning outcomes (LO) and program outcomes (PO).(More)
A Harmony Search (HS) algorithm is a population based-meta-heuristics approach that is superior in solving diversified large scale optimization problems. Several studies have pointed that Harmony Search is an efficient and flexible tool to resolve optimization problems in the diverse areas of construction, engineering, robotics, telecommunication, health(More)
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