Abdul Rauf Khan

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Antisense oligonucleotides, ribozymes and DNAzymes have emerged as novel, highly selective inhibitors or modulators of gene expression. Indeed, their use in the treatment of diseases arising from genetic abnormalities has become a real possibility over the past few years. The first antisense drug molecule is now available for clinical use in Europe and USA.(More)
OBJECTIVE Alterations in plasma concentrations of several trace elements have been reported to occur in type-1 diabetes mellitus. These micronutrients are suspected to have a role in pathogenesis and progression of the disease. METHODS In a comparative analysis, the plasma concentration of copper, zinc and magnesium was estimated in 37 patients with(More)
The medical records of 74 neonates dependent on parenteral nutrition for at least 21 days after emergency abdominal surgery (performed between 1988 and 1992) were reviewed respectively. The role of enteral starvation, prematurity, composition and duration of parenteral nutrition, and sepsis in the evolution of parenteral nutrition-related cholestasis was(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the attitude and knowledge of family medicine practitioners (FMPs) towards the association between periodontal disease and obesity. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was performed and a 13-item survey questionnaire was given to FMPs practicing in 12 different teaching hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan. The questions were(More)
BACKGROUND Drug resistance in general, and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in particular, threatens global tuberculosis (TB) control efforts. Population-based estimates of drug resistance are needed to develop strategies for controlling drug-resistant TB in Pakistan. OBJECTIVE To obtain population-based data on Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug(More)
Extensive use of machines, flexible/re-configurable manufacturing and transition towards the fully automated factories call for intelligent use of information recorded during the manufacturing process. Modern manufacturing processes produce Terabytes of information during different stages of the process e.g sensor measurements, machine readings etc, and the(More)
In this paper, we present Carrier Interferometry (CI) spread OFDMA system with orthogonal subcarrier grouping (CI/GO-OFDMA) to support variable rate user classes. This work highlights the application of CI codes which can be generated for any integer to ensure efficient multicarrier variable rate transmission scheme. Simulation results obtained over(More)
A 2-year-old child presented with a 1-week history of abdominal pain and non-bilious vomiting. Upon examination, the abdomen was distended and faecal aspirate was noted from a nasogastric tube. Ultrasound scan and a failed air enema demonstrated intestinal intussusception warranting a surgical intervention. The intraoperative findings were of an ileocolic(More)