Abdul Rahman M. Alamoud

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A contributory paper on the study of VLSI architectures of various fuzzy processors and controllers designed for various applications is presented. The paper focuses on the study of VLSI implementation of fuzzy logic hardware to result in small silicon area, high speed of operation and adaptability to different application domains. This paper reviews the(More)
The limited applications of fuzzy logic in engineering are attributed to low computational performance of fuzzy processors. Fuzzy processors are generally unsuitable to applications which demand quick output. The speed bottleneck of these processors lies in the calculation of matching degree (MD) between the fuzzified input and the antecedent MF in(More)
Subthreshold circuits are shown to be the best candidate for satisfying the ultra-low power demand of battery-operated systems having moderate throughput. However, exponential increase in driver resistance in subthreshold region and increased global interconnect capacitance will become a major hurdle in improving the speed of subthreshold interconnects.(More)
The design and implementation of a new method of generating arbitrary signals was attempted. This new system is based upon the use of Walsh functions, which are derived from Rademacher functions. The VHDL modeling and the Xilinx field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) implementation of the proposed circuit were made. Two Walsh circuits realized using counter(More)
This research is about a new approach, which is used for optimizing multipliers designs, which are based on the concept of Vedic mathematics. The design has been targeted to to FPGAs (state-of-the art field-programmable gate arrays). It has been assessed that the multiplier produces partial products by utilizing Vedic mathematics concept by deploying basic(More)
In this work, design and calibrated simulation of carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET)-based cascode operational transconductance amplifiers (COTA) have been performed. Three structures of CNTFET-based COTAs have been designed using HSPICE and have been compared with the conventional CMOS-based COTAs. The proposed COTAs include one using pure(More)
In this paper, we propose, simulated and modelled, first time, a novel fuzzy inference processor capable of handling three types of membership functions together. To implement the proposed inference processor, a novel multi membership function (MMF) MAX-MIN calculator circuit, calculating the matching degree (MD) between three types of membership functions(More)
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