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BACKGROUND The incidence of male breast cancer (MBC) continues to rise. The Veterans Affairs (VA) Central Cancer Registry (VACCR) provides a unique source for the study of MBC. The objective of this retrospective analysis was to compare the characteristics and outcome of patients with MBC and patients with female breast cancer (FBC) in the VA population. (More)
Although lung cancer incidence rates and mortalities are still low in the Arab world as compared to Europe or USA, they is gradually increasing in the region. Furthermore, there is great variation between different parts of the Arab world. For instance, the age-standardized rates (ASRs) for lung cancer incidence are about 15 fold higher in Tunisia than in(More)
The significant increase in the use of alternative medicine in general and the herbal and dietary supplement in particular represents a challenge to the health care professionals. Because of their unregulated use, physicians are encountering increasing numbers of toxicities and untoward events. We report a case of severe intraoperative haemorrhage in a(More)
The use of alternative therapies increased dramatically over the last decade with a wide variety of methods and interventions. Dietary supplements are a very common form of alternative therapy used by healthy people as well as patients with serious health problems. The use of these untested, unregulated therapies may carry inherent risks. Hematologic(More)
OBJECTIVE Low-dose chest computed tomography (CT) is being evaluated in several national trials as a screening modality for the early detection of lung cancer. The goal of the present study was to determine whether lung cancer screening could be done while minimizing the number of benign biopsy specimens taken in an area endemic for histoplasmosis. (More)
OBJECTIVE To study the patterns of dietary supplement use in veterans with cancer. DESIGN Using a detailed questionnaire, a cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the patterns of dietary supplement use by patients with cancer. SETTING/LOCATION The study was conducted at the Hematology/ Oncology Clinic at the VA Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. (More)
OBJECTIVE The concurrent use of dietary supplements and prescription medications is common among patients with cancer. This study examines potential interactions between dietary supplements and prescription medications in a Veteran Hospital cancer population. METHODS Eligible patients seen at the Hematology/Oncology clinic at the Veterans Administration(More)
BACKGROUND About one-third to one-half of patients with early stages of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) succumb to their disease. In this study, we attempted to identify prognostic factors that predict outcome in patients with stages I and II NSCLC. METHODS A retrospective evaluation of 454 patients with surgically resected stages I and II NSCLC was(More)
QUESTION What were the needs of outpatients for symptom management? METHOD A multidisciplinary team assembled to determine the need for a symptom management clinic. Two surveys were developed for potential users: one for the outpatients and the other for the attending oncologists. INTERVENTION During a 3-week period, outpatients were approached after(More)
PURPOSE To test the hypothesis that dual biochemical modulation of fluorouracil (FU) in combination with mitomycin improves the survival of patients with pancreas cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eligibility included stage II or III unresectable adenocarcinoma of the pancreas, performance status of 0 to 2, and adequate organ function. Treatment included FU(More)