Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim

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This paper addresses a non-linear optimization model by integrating production planning and inventory control in the automotive industry at the strategic and operational level. In order to provide an effective modeling, we developed a framework to integrate manufacturing system and suppliers within an automotive supply chain network. The numerical(More)
The VLDL transport vesicle (VTV) mediates the transport of nascent VLDL particles from the ER to the Golgi and plays a key role in VLDL-secretion from the liver. The functionality of VTV is controlled by specific proteins; however, full characterization and proteomic profiling of VTV remain to be carried out. Here, we report the first proteomic profile of(More)
The conceptual design of a pressure hull design for an underwater pole inspection system is presented in this study. One of the critical elements in designing the pole-climbing robot is an enclosure for the electronic components that can sustain high pressure and with good protection for underwater application. Four main steps are required in designing the(More)
Wireless system is one of the technologies currently applied in agriculture to improve quality, save labour costs, increase yields, and conserve water. A real-time wireless monitoring system for measuring climatic environment parameters of rain shelter house (RSH) for chili plantation was developed. The wireless monitoring system integrates the hardware and(More)
Mixing of two fluids is an essential process for most of microfluidic device for Biomedical Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (Bio-MEMS) application. Mixing also important in Lab-On-Chip (LOC) system because the chemical reaction carried out in this system requires on-chip mixing. Mixing performance in this system relies mainly on effective and rapid mixing(More)
AbSTrACT Gallium nitride with wurtzite crystal structure is a chemically stable semiconductor with high internal spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization, which make it highly suitable materials to create very sensitive and robust sensors for the detection of ions, gases and liquids. Sensing characteristics of an open-gate liquid-phase sensor fabricated(More)
Phenolic acids are a complex group of substances that have gained enormous attention in the last years , because of their biological properties , especially from their importance as a secondary plant metabolites , their ecological role and natural antioxidant capacity , physiological effects , use as markers in taxonomic studies , and their properties(More)