Abdul Raheem

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In recent years, improvement has been achieved in vibration signal processing, using wavelet analysis for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. The use of wavelet analysis has proven to be efficient to detect faults in vibration signals with nonstationary, transient characteristics/ components. An experimental data set is used to compare the diagnostic(More)
We investigated the biodesulfurization potential of a mixed culture AK6 enriched from petroleum hydrocarbons-polluted soil with dibenzothiophene (DBT) as a sulfur source. In addition to DBT, AK6 utilized the following compounds as sulfur sources: 4-methyldibenzothiophene (4-MDBT), benzothiophene (BT), and 4,6- dimethyldibenzothiophene (4,6-DM-DBT). None of(More)
The methodology of vibration analysis for condition monitoring has been evolving at a rapid stage in the recent years. The ability to efficiently detect non-stationary, non-periodic, transient features of the vibration signal makes the wavelet analysis a demanding tool for condition monitoring. In this paper the application of Laplace wavelet kurtosis for(More)
Enomoto, Llado, Nakamigawa and Ringel (1998) defined the concept of a super (a, 0)-edge-antimagic total labeling and proposed the conjecture that every tree is a super (a, 0)-edge-antimagic total graph. In the support of this conjecture, the present paper deals with different results on super (a, d)-edge-antimagic total labeling of subdivided stars for d ∈(More)
Abstract In this work, automatic detection and diagnosis of gear condition monitoring technique is presented. The vibration signals in time domain wereobtained from a fault simulator apparatus from a healthy gear and an induced faulty gear. These time domain signals were processed using Laplace and Morlet wavelet based enveloped power spectrum to detect the(More)
This study aims to evaluate the practice of academic quality assurance in design model based on seven aspects of quality are: curriculum design, teaching and learning, student assessment, student selection, support services, learning resources, and continuous improvement. The design study was conducted in two stages. The first stage is to obtain valid and(More)
The methodology of vibration based condition monitoring technology has been developing at a rapid stage in the recent years suiting to the maintenance of sophisticated and complicated machines. The ability of wavelet analysis to efficiently detect non-stationary, non-periodic, transient features of the vibration signal makes it a demanding tool for(More)
The investigations were carried out to study the effect of different particle size and packaging materials on storability of jaggery powder on the basis of changes in chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics. Jaggery powder of three different grades viz., coarse (0.500 -0.708 mm), medium (0.351 0.420 mm) and fine (0.211 0.296 mm) were prepared(More)
Problem statement: Smoking is a major public health problem all around the world, especially in developing countries when smoking behavior among college students is a major concern to the society. Object of this study to estimate the prevalence of smoking among university students of medical and literature colleges and to assess the students’ knowledge(More)
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