Abdul Raheem . K . Abid Ali

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PURPOSE We present a validation study of CT and PET lung image registration and fusion based on the chamfer-matching method. METHODS AND MATERIALS The contours of the lung surfaces from CT and PET transmission images were automatically segmented by the thresholding technique. The chamfer-matching technique was then used to register the extracted lung(More)
A System state in HTTP botnet uses HTTP protocol for the creation of chain of Botnets thereby compromising other systems. By using HTTP protocol and port number 80, attacks can not only be hidden but also pass through the firewall without being detected. The DPR based detection leads to better analysis of botnet attacks [3]. However, it provides only(More)
In order to utilize high sulfur (3-6%) coals in various industries which otherwise cannot be utilized directly or even as a blend, studies on pyrolysis of four high sulfur NE regions Indian coals viz. 60ft Tikak, 20ft Tikak, Surupi and Bapung coal from Makum Coalfields of Meghalaya in presence of hydrogen were carried out at 900C. The steam was generated by(More)
In this paper, dry sliding wear and corrosion behavior of Cu + 13wt% Al + 3.8 wt% Ni was prepared by powder metallurgy. Dry sliding wear has been studied based on pin on disk at constant velocity and constant sliding distance .Corrosion behavior in 5 wt% NaOH solution based up on potentiostatic ( Tafel ) has been presented for base shape memory alloy ( Cu +(More)
In this report, we describe the case of an 8 year old female child who presented with complaints of swelling in sacral region since birth and left leg weakness since 2 years of age. She presented with left clubbed foot to an orthopaedic surgeon and was treated at 1 year of age with serial plasters. The child was presented for club foot, rather than(More)
In the wireless sensor networks the energy of the nodes present in the network is limited. Due to the low manufacturing costs of sensor nodes, they can be organized in large numbers and containing more challenges in routing, topology and data management protocols. These challenges are complicated by severe energy constraints and the inherently unreliable(More)
Results A total of 180 questionnaires were returned and used in the analysis. Of all respondents, only 12% were able to correctly identify the subsidy status of all six medicines. Eighty three percent were of the opinion that the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand (PHARMAC) considers its budget as the most important factor when deciding to fund(More)
This paper proposes a new method that intends on reducing the size of high dimensional dataset by identifying and removing irrelevant and redundant features. Dataset reduction is important in the case of machine learning and data mining. The measure of dependence is used to evaluate the relationship between feature and target concept and or between features(More)
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