Abdul-Qayyum M. Khaliq

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The coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations are highly used in modeling the various phenomena in nonlinear fiber optics, like propagation of pulses. Efficient and reliable numerical schemes are required for analysis of these models and for improvement of the fiber communication system. In this paper, we introduce a new version of the Cox and Matthews third(More)
A new family of numerical schemes for inhomogeneous parabolic partial differential equations is developed utilizing diagonal Padé schemes combined with positivity–preserving Padé schemes as damping devices. We also develop a split version of the algorithm using partial fraction decomposition to address difficulties with accuracy and computational efficiency(More)
Parallel Rosenbrock methods are developed for systems with stiff chemical reactions. Unlike classical Runge-Kutta methods, these linearly implicit schemes avoid the necessity to iterate at each time step. Parallelism across the method allows for the solution of the linear algebraic systems in essentially Backward Euler-like solves on concurrent processors.(More)