Abdul Qadeer Khan Rajput

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The flexibility of WiMAX framework offers new dimensions for cross-layer optimization and can be exploited to optimize the application performance. This article focuses on identifiers that have direct impact on Quality of Service (QoS)and effect of such identifiers is evaluated through computer simulation using OPNET Modeler 14.5 Wireless Suite. In this(More)
WiMAX networks experience sporadic congestion on uplink when applications running at subscriber stations need more bandwidth to transmit than allocated. With the fast proliferation of mobile Internet, the wireless community has been looking for a framework that can address the issue of impediment on uplink. Due to asymmetric behavior of Internet(More)
Improving sales force productivity is a key strategic priority to drive corporate revenue growth. Sales professionals need to be able to easily identify new sales prospects, and sales executives need to ensure that the overall sales force is deployed against the best future revenue-generating sales accounts. In this paper, we describe two analytics-based(More)
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