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Image segmentation has been an important and challenging issue in the field of computer vision over decades. It plays a critical role for most image analysis tasks, such as object detection and recognition. The aim of this paper is to obtain segmented image of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)’s track using mathematical morphological operation. Morphological(More)
Image processing plays an important role in extracting useful information from images. However, the image processing and the process of translating an image into a statistical distribution of low-level features is not an easy task. These tasks are complicated since the acquired image data often noisy, and target objects are influenced by lighting, intensity(More)
In the last decade, the number of mobile phone users has increased dramatically. Nowadays, mobile phone has become part of people’s life. Today’s mobile phones provide not just voice call and messaging services, but plethora of other services. This research is about the utilization of mobile phone for dua and zikr for Hajj. The main aim of this research is(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) is amongst the technologies that have existed as early as the 1960s. Only until recently it has resurrected and is making a comeback into many shapes and forms of our daily lives. This paper describes in general the use of VR tools in the manufacturing sector. Examples of successful adoption of VR technologies in manufacturing companies(More)
Previous researches and current initial findings have shown that conventional approaches used in most Hajj supplementary learning materials are less effective in providing clear understanding to users, particularly the pilgrims. Most of the materials are based on passive learning. Thus, in order to cater for those limitations, this study incorporates(More)
Arabic Language has an exceptional position in Islam. It is the language of Quran, thus the need to learn and understand Arabic amongst Muslims is of paramount importance. For countries where their native language is not Arabic, the language is only taught in special schools. Arabic language needs to be introduced to children at early ages such as in the(More)
This study developed Islamic Sex Education (ISE) interactive courseware to help users particularly parents discover guidelines in guiding them for sex education in Islam. In fact, sex education in Islam provides guidelines in manners related to what is allowed and forbidden, and stresses the faith towards the religion. Islam believes that parents play the(More)
Over the past few years, new and improved learning techniques and technologies have been introduced. Among them, interactive media holds a lot of potential in learning. This technology highly promotes self-directed and active learning approaches and has capabilities to foster the learning process. Furthermore, the emergence of persuasive technology(More)
Previous researches and current initial findings have found that Hajj supplementary learning materials approaches are less effective in giving clear understanding to users, particularly the pilgrims. Most of the materials are based on passive learning. Therefore, this study incorporates virtual environments (VE) and multimedia technologies to develop(More)
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