Abdul Muizz Abd Malek

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INTRODUCTION This study aimed to examine the prevalence of pre-marital sex and its predicting factors among youth trainees undergoing a national skill training programme in the state of Malaysia. METHODS Participants filled up health screening surveys at the beginning of their training period. A total of 1328 out of 1377 trainees were included in the(More)
Increasing salinity of freshwater from environmental and anthropogenic influences is threatening the health of 35 million inhabitants in coastal Bangladesh. Yet little is known about the characteristics of their exposure to salt (sodium), a major risk factor for hypertension and related chronic diseases. This research examined sodium consumption levels and(More)
Qishta is a popular Middle Eastern coagulated cream product, prepared using a traditional heating and skimming process. This study in Lebanon aimed to assess the microbiological and chemical profile of the product. Samples selected from 31 different manufacturers and outlets were analysed using standard methods. The plate counts for the various(More)
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