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This study was carried out to evaluate the total phenolic content and anti-oxidant activity of methanolic extract of red pitaya, and hypocholesterolemic effect of red pitaya (Hylocereus sp.) on lipid profiles status on hypercholesterolemia induced rats. From the analysis, total phenolic content in red pitaya is 46.06 ± 1.77 mg GAE/100 g fresh weight and(More)
This article reports on a study examining continuing professional development (CPD) programs for tax professionals. The aim of the study is to identify the important source of knowledge and the process of acquiring knowledge through CPD programs. Using a quantitative survey method, the views of CPD program participants were gathered. This study finds that(More)
Indonesia still lacks reliable data on the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because only gonococcal infections and syphilis must be reported. The reported syphilis prevalence rate in high-risk groups ranges from 2.4% to 5.4%, while the gonococcal infection rate ranges from 14% to 30%. Much lower rates are reported among family planning(More)
Gallium nitride with wurtzite crystal structure is a chemically stable semiconductor with high internal spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization, which make it highly suitable materials to create very sensitive and robust sensors for the detection of ions, gases and liquids. Sensing characteristics of an open-gate liquid-phase sensor fabricated on(More)
Mobile video is now an everyday possibility with a wide array of commercially available devices, services and content. These technologies promise to transform the way that people can consume video media in their lives beyond the familiar behaviours associated with fixed TV and video technologies. The shift from fixed television viewing to mobile usage does(More)
The paper presented the IEC 61499 based run-to-run controller for chemical mechanical planarization process. Experiments show the needs of adjust the removal rate based on the actual data captured from manufacturing line rather than default values to calculate removal rate for every lot and use removal rate to calculate polish time for the next lot which(More)
Planning is a fundamental aspect of human intelligence. Therefore it has become the fundamental problem in modelling intelligent behaviour within Artificial Intelligence. It is further complicated when the plan has to be done in uncertain temporal domain. This framework deals with linguistic fuzziness that often presents within temporal knowledge. An(More)
Research into the environmental effect of greenhouse emissions is now intense. One of the sources contributing to the effect is boil-off gas (BOG) flaring into the atmosphere. BOG formation is caused by heat leakage from the liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tank. Heat leakages are determined by the effectiveness of heat thermal transmittance of the(More)
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