Abdul-Lateef Babata

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BACKGROUND Urethral catheterisation is a procedure which is daily performed in clinical practice. Though, interns are expected to be proficient in this, the situation is always not so and complications have occurred due to inadequate knowledge of safe urethral catheterisation. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The study is intended to assess the knowledge and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether the ophthalmic cases presenting at a Nigerian tertiary eye unit are appropriate for such level of care and also draw necessary implications for service delivery. METHODS Data on 1321 consecutive new patients that presented at the ophthalmic clinic of the University of Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria between February and July(More)
We present a case report of a 22-year-old Nigerian student who presented to the accident and emergency unit of a Nigerian Teaching Hospital with a history of self-inflicted genital injury following a suicide attempt. He had background history of predisposition to depressive illness, a current diagnosis of a major depressive disorder, and had had two(More)
A case of snake bite of the scrotum in a 43-year-old male Fulani farmer cum herdsman is presented. Gangrene of the scrotum developed 4 days after the bite together with an increase in size of the scrotum to about 59cm in circumference. The patient received polyvalent snake anti venom almost 10 hours after the bite. Surgery to excise the gangrenous part,(More)
Though self-insertion of a foreign body in the male urethra is an infrequent urologic emergency, a weird variety of self-inserted foreign bodies have been reported. Most of these are attributed to autoerotic stimulation, a consequence of mental illness or the result of drug intoxication. We report an unusual case of a 65-year-old African man who(More)
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