Abdul Khaleque

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Critical flicker frequency (CFF) of 40 men, 20 mentally retarded whose mean age was 22.0 yr. and 20 normal whose mean age was 21.5 yr., was measured under binocular viewing using the Lafayette Visual Perception Control with a display unit. Subjects had been previously tested for visual acuity and color blindness. Analysis showed a significant difference in(More)
Three questions drawn from parental acceptance-rejection theory were addressed: (a) Are children's perceptions of parental acceptance transnationally associated with specific personality dispositions? (b) Are adults' remembrances of parental acceptance in childhood transnationally associated with these personality dispositions? and (c) Do relations between(More)
The data for the Ebola outbreak that occurred in 2014-2016 in three countries of West Africa are analysed within a common framework. The analysis is made using the results of an agent based Susceptible-Infected-Removed (SIR) model on a Euclidean network, where nodes at a distance l are connected with probability P(l) ∝ l-δ, δ determining the range of the(More)
We study the statistics of citations made to the indexed Science journals in the Journal Citation Reports during the period 2004-2013 using different measures. We consider different measures which quantify the impact of the journals. To our surprise, we find that the apparently uncorrelated measures, even when defined in an arbitrary manner, show strong(More)
We study the statistics of citations made to the top ranked indexed journals for Science and Social Science databases in the Journal Citation Reports using different measures. Total annual citation and impact factor, as well as a third measure called the annual citation rate are used to make the detailed analysis. We observe that the distribution of the(More)
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