Abdul Karim Nasher

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The experimental infection of rodents as potential, definitive hosts with Hymenolepis straminea indicated that hamsters and field mice were susceptible to infection. By comparison, laboratory mice exhibited a significantly lowered susceptibility. Artificially induced depression of the immune response enabled the parasite to be cultured in several strains of(More)
Five new species of pharyngodonid (Oxyuroidea) nematodes are described from the posterior gut of Agama yemenensis (Agamidae) in Saudi Arabia: Tachygonetria paradentata n.sp., a member of the ‘T. dentata’ complex, most closely resembles T. quentini Petter, 1966 from Testudo tentoria verreauxi from South Africa in the form and disposition of cephalic sense(More)
The geological history of the Arabian Peninsula has played a crucial role in shaping current diversity and distribution patterns of many Arabian and African faunal elements. The gecko genus Hemidactylus is not an exception. In this study, we provide an insight into the phylogeny and systematics of 45 recognized species of the so-called Arid clade of the(More)
A recent molecular phylogeny of the Arid clade of the genus Hemidactylus revealed that the recently described H. saba and two unnamed Hemidactylus species from Sinai, Saudi Arabia and Yemen form a well-supported monophyletic group within the Arabian radiation of the genus. The name 'Hemidactylus saba species group' is suggested for this clade. According to(More)
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