Abdul Jalil

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Visual object tracking (VOT) is an important subfield of computer vision. It has widespread application domains, and has been considered as an important part of surveillance and security system. VOA facilitates finding the position of target in image coordinates of video frames.While doing this, VOA also faces many challenges such as noise, clutter,(More)
In recently reported clustering approaches, both local and global information were utilized in order to effectively learn nonlinear manifold in image dataset. However, in each of these clustering approaches, regularization parameter had to be included to handle small-sample-size (SSS) problem of linear discriminant analysis (LDA). Due to which, we have to(More)
The histopathological examination of tissue specimens is necessary for the diagnosis and grading of colon cancer. However, the process is subjective and leads to significant inter/intra observer variation in diagnosis as it mainly relies on the visual assessment of histopathologists. Therefore, a reliable computer-aided technique, which can automatically(More)
Image denoising is an integral component of many practical medical systems. Non-local means (NLM) is an effective method for image denoising which exploits the inherent structural redundancy present in images. Improved adaptive non-local means (IANLM) is an improved variant of classical NLM based on a robust threshold criterion. In this paper, we have(More)