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Formation of Ring-Shaped Structures on Erythrocyte Membranes after Treatment with Botulinolysin, a Thiol-Activated Hemolysin from Clostridium botulinum
ABSTRACT Damage to erythrocyte membranes by botulinolysin (BLY) was studied by electron microscopy, which revealed ring-shaped structures with inner diameters and widths of approximately 32 and 6.7
Lyra’s Cosmology of Massive Strings in Anisotropic Bianchi-II Space-Time
The paper deals with a spatially homogeneous and totally anisotropic Bianchi II cosmological models representing massive strings in normal gauge for Lyra’s manifold. The modified Einstein’s field
Studies with Parchment Supported Membranes. VIII. Determination of the Thermodynamic Effective Fixed Charge Density of Barium Phosphate Membrane by Various Methods and Evaluation of Permselectivity
The thermodynamic effective fixed charge density, the most important parameter governing transport phenomena in membranes, was estimated by methods of TMS, Altug and Hair and the most recent one of
Studies with Parchment Supported Membranes. VII. Application of Fick’s Diffusion Law and Nernst-Planck Formulae for Electrical Potential—Consideration of Membrane Field Strength and Energetics of
Electrolytic transport processes occurring across parchment supported membranes have been described by Nernst-Planck flux equation taking into account the membrane resistance Rm, membrane potential
Electrodeposition of Lead from Lead Acetate and its fractal character
Electrodeposition of lead in the form of dendritic patterns is studied using circular cell geometry and the electrolyte used is lead acetate solution.The electrodeposits so obtained have crystalline