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PURPOSE To map the disease locus of a two-generation, consanguineous Pakistani family with autosomal recessive cone-rod dystrophy (arCRD). All affected individuals had night blindness, deterioration of central vision, photophobia, epiphora in bright light, and problems with color distinction. Fundoscopy revealed marked macular degeneration and attenuation(More)
BACKGROUND In recent times the basic understanding, perceptions and CAM use among undergraduate health sciences students have become a topic of interest. This study was aimed to investigate the understanding, perceptions and self-use of CAM among pharmacy students in Malaysia. METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted on 500 systematically sampled(More)
• We provide an overview of the research within Data Center Networks (DCNs). • We present the state-of-the-art energy efficiency techniques for a DCN. • The survey elaborates on the DCN architectures (electrical, optical, and hybrid). • We also focus on traffic management, characterization, and performance monitoring. • We present a comparative analysis of(More)
Acanthamoeba, an opportunistic protozoan pathogen, is ubiquitous in nature, and therefore plays a predatory role and helps control microbial communities in the ecosystem. These Acanthamoeba species are recognized as opportunistic human pathogens that may cause blinding keratitis and rare but fatal granulomatous encephalitis. To date, there is not a single(More)
In a cloud computing paradigm, energy efficient allocation of different virtualized ICT resources (servers, storage disks, and networks, and the like) is a complex problem due to the presence of heterogeneous application (e.g., content delivery networks, MapReduce, web applications, and the like) workloads having contentious allocation requirements in terms(More)
PURPOSE Recent reports have shown that the autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (adRP) phenotype linked to the pericentric region of chromosome 8 is associated with mutations in a gene designated RP1. Screening of the whole gene in a large cohort of patients has not been undertaken to date. To assess the involvement and character of RP1 mutations in(More)
Biological synthesis of nanoparticles is a growing innovative approach that is relatively cheaper and more environmentally friendly than current physicochemical processes. Among various microorganisms, fungi have been found to be comparatively more efficient in the synthesis of nanomaterials. In this research work, extracellular mycosynthesis of silver(More)
Kinetics of a lipase isolated from Bacillus sp. was studied. The enzyme showed maximum activity at pH 9 and temperature 60°C. The Michaelis constant (KM 0.31 mM) obtained from three different plots i.e., Lineweaver-Burk, Hanes-Wolf and Hofstee, was found to be lower than already reported lipases that confirmed higher affinity of the enzyme for its substrate(More)
An efficient resource allocation is a fundamental requirement in high performance computing (HPC) systems. Many projects are dedicated to large-scale distributed computing systems that have designed and developed resource allocation mechanisms with a variety of architectures and services. In our study, through analysis, a comprehensive survey for describing(More)
PURPOSE A two-generation consanguineous Pakistani family with autosomal recessive Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA, MIM 204,000) and keratoconus was identified. All affected individuals have bilateral keratoconus and congenital pigmentary retinopathy. The goal of this study was to link the disease phenotype in this family. METHODS Genomic DNA was amplified(More)