Abdul Hameed

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• We provide an overview of the research within Data Center Networks (DCNs). • We present the state-of-the-art energy efficiency techniques for a DCN. • The survey elaborates on the DCN architectures (electrical, optical, and hybrid). • We also focus on traffic management, characterization, and performance monitoring. • We present a comparative analysis of(More)
In a cloud computing paradigm, energy efficient allocation of different virtualized ICT resources (servers, storage disks, and networks, and the like) is a complex problem due to the presence of heterogeneous application (e.g., content delivery networks, MapReduce, web applications, and the like) workloads having contentious allocation requirements in terms(More)
An efficient resource allocation is a fundamental requirement in high performance computing (HPC) systems. Many projects are dedicated to large-scale distributed computing systems that have designed and developed resource allocation mechanisms with a variety of architectures and services. In our study, through analysis, a comprehensive survey for describing(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation methodology of some low power programmable FIR filtering IP cores targeting SoRC and compares their performance in term of area, power and speed. The paper analyzes the dynamic power consumption of the IP cores in the fabric of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The target device is Virtex family(More)
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