Abdul Hakim Halim

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Macrophomina phaseolina is one of the most destructive necrotrophic fungal pathogens that infect more than 500 plant species throughout the world. It can grow rapidly in infected plants and subsequently produces a large amount of sclerotia that plugs the vessels, resulting in wilting of the plant. We sequenced and assembled ~49 Mb into 15 super-scaffolds(More)
Conservation organizations often invest considerable resources in education and outreach activities in and around marine protected areas (MPAs). The expectation is that such efforts will change local knowledge, attitudes and ultimately behavior. This is one of the first studies to assess the efficacy of using education and outreach activities to improve(More)
Jute (Corchorus sp.) is one of the most important sources of natural fibre, covering ∼80% of global bast fibre production1. Only Corchorus olitorius and Corchorus capsularis are commercially cultivated, though there are more than 100 Corchorus species2 in the Malvaceae family. Here we describe high-quality draft genomes of these two species and their(More)
The study was conducted using the exit interview with patients (n=120), in depth interview with health care providers (n=87) and focus group discussion (n=16) with stakeholders to assess the perceived level of quality of care in maternal and newborn health at public facilities in Bangladesh. Both clients and providers expressed dissatisfaction for(More)
This research addresses a batch scheduling model for a single machine processing parts of a single item to minimize total actual flow time, defined as interval time from the arrival time to the due date. The part processing time is assumed to be increasing linearly with increasing the waiting time of the part from the batch completion time to its due date.(More)
This study was aimed to identify the High Impact Competencies for Malaysian School Leaders. An instrument named Instrumen Kompetensi Pemimpin Sekolah (KOMPAS ©) were developed for this study. KOMPAS consists of 26 competencies grouped into six domain namely the 'Policy and Direction', 'Instructional and Achievement', 'Change and Innovation', 'People and(More)