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PURPOSE We present a validation study of CT and PET lung image registration and fusion based on the chamfer-matching method. METHODS AND MATERIALS The contours of the lung surfaces from CT and PET transmission images were automatically segmented by the thresholding technique. The chamfer-matching technique was then used to register the extracted lung(More)
Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) represent a big portion of a data warehouse project. Complexity of components extensibility is a main problem in the ETL area, because ETL components are tightly-coupled to each others in the current ETL framework. The missing extensibility feature causes impediments to add new components to the current ETL(More)
Securing the web against frequent cyber attacks is a big concern as attackers usually intend to snitch private information, financial information, deface and damages websites to prove their hacking capabilities. This type of vandalism may drive many corporations that conduct their business through the web to suffer financial and reputation damages. One of(More)
— A System state in HTTP botnet uses HTTP protocol for the creation of chain of Botnets thereby compromising other systems. By using HTTP protocol and port number 80, attacks can not only be hidden but also pass through the firewall without being detected. The DPR based detection leads to better analysis of botnet attacks [3]. However, it provides only(More)
Objectives The general aim of this study was to evaluate general practitioners' perceptions, knowledge and experiences regarding medicines' cost and subsidy in New Zealand. Methods A quantitative cross-sectional study, with postal questionnaires , was conducted to survey 700 New Zealand general practitioners (GPs) registered with the Medical Council of New(More)
In order to utilize high sulfur (3-6%) coals in various industries which otherwise cannot be utilized directly or even as a blend, studies on pyrolysis of four high sulfur NE regions Indian coals viz. 60ft Tikak, 20ft Tikak, Surupi and Bapung coal from Makum Coalfields of Meghalaya in presence of hydrogen were carried out at 900 0 C. The steam was generated(More)
In the wireless sensor networks the energy of the nodes present in the network is limited. Due to the low manufacturing costs of sensor nodes, they can be organized in large numbers and containing more challenges in routing, topology and data management protocols. These challenges are complicated by severe energy constraints and the inherently unreliable(More)
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