Abdul Azim Abdul Ghani

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Function Point (FP) is a software size measure, which includes the standard FP and many different models derived from it. The standard FP method created by Albrecht in 1979 is currently known as the International FP User group (IFPUG) version, which consists of three main parts: The first part is five components, and the second is the complexity weights(More)
Many software companies are interested in using Agile methods in their software projects. Contrary to traditional software development methods, Agile methods are people oriented. This fact shows the significant role of individuals in these methods. Increasing prevalence of Agile methods forces software companies to consider people related factors as(More)
A component-based software system (CBSS) is a software system that is developed by integrating components that have been deployed independently. In the last few years, many researchers have proposed metrics to evaluate CBSS attributes. However, the practical use of these metrics can be difficult. For example, some of the metrics have concepts that either(More)
Research on testing approaches for different programming paradigms has been done for several years. However, aspect-oriented programming (AOP), a relatively new programming paradigm, has properties that other programming paradigms do not have. These characteristics bring new challenges and issues not present when testing other types of programs such as(More)
So far a significant amount of research has been done on the complexity of software programs, and various software complexity metrics have been developed but few researches on process complexity measurement, especially BPEL processes, has yet been carried out. Since several organizations have already realized the potential of using the Business Process(More)
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a new architectural style for developing distributed business applications. Nowadays, those applications are realized through web services, which are later grouped as web service compositions. Web service compositions language, like the BPELWS 2.0 standard, are extensions of imperative programming languages.(More)
IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN (WLAN) has gained popularity. WLANs use different security protocols like WEP, WPA and WPA2. The newly ratified WPA2 provides the highest level of security for data frames. However WPA2 does not really mention about protection of management frames. In other words IEEE 802.11 management frames are always sent in an unsecured manner.(More)
Despite current 802.11i security protocol, wireless networks are vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Sending a continuous stream of forgery control frames by an attacker can easily flood wireless channel so that the network cannot be available for its associated users. These attacks are possible because wireless control frames do not carry any(More)
It is widely accepted that sizing or predicting the volumes of various kinds of software deliverable items is one of the first and most dominant aspects of software cost estimating. Most of the cost estimation model or techniques usually assume that software size or structural complexity is the integral factor that influences software development effort.(More)