Abdul Azim Abd Ghani

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Software quality is a complex concept containing a large number of quality criteria. These quality criteria are usually interactive where preference outcome of one criterion over another criterion is always influenced by the remaining criteria. However, to avoid complexity researchers always tend to construct independent criteria which causing some bias(More)
Component-based Software Development is an approach that has many benefits, such as improving application developer productivity, reducing costs and complexity. Programming within this approach is like assembly rather than development, which reduce skill requirements, and allow expertise focus on domain problems. The foundation of any CBSD methodology is(More)
The wavelet transform has become the most interesting new algorithm for video compression. Yet there are many parameters within a wavelet analysis and synthesis which govern the quality of a decoded video. In this paper different wavelet decomposition strategies and their implications for the decoded video are discussed. A pool of color video sequences has(More)
The rapid growth of web applications increases the need to evaluate web applications objectively. In the past few years some valuable works like WebQEM tried to objectively evaluate the web applications. However, still weighting web attributes which is one step of evaluation of web applications is completely subjective, depending mostly on experts’(More)
Web services have got popular for developing Service-Oriented Architectures recently. As several web services are available to execute the same function, Quality of Service (QoS) turns into a discriminative factor which is significantly considered in service selection and service composition approaches. In different approaches, monitoring of services is(More)
Regression testing is very important process in software maintenance. Unfortunately, it iscostly and time consumingto allow for the re-execution of all test cases during regression testing. The challenge in regression testing is the selection of best test cases from the existing test suite.This paper presents an evolutionary regression test case(More)
Security system designs are required to be flexible enough to support multiple policies. A security policy model always develops; accordingly, the design of a security system using that policy model should reflect the changes. Using role-based access control (RBAC) as an example, currently it supports role hierarchy, static separation of duty relations, and(More)
The tremendous growth of the area of software measurement requires new model for measurement roles. Changes to software maintenance (SM) process measurement of corrective, preventive, adaptive and perfective maintenance may affect the way of users use the measurement. As well as most of an existing measurement models does not truly or accurately reflect(More)
An approach enabling end-users to verify that a downloaded untrusted code will not leak confidential data to unauthorized parties is presented. The approach certifies RISC-style assembly programs for secure information flow by statically analyzing the code based on the idea of Proof Carrying Code (PCC). The proofs that untrusted code does not leak sensitive(More)
Software testing requires executing software under test with the intention of finding defects as much as possible. Test case generation remains the most dominant research in software testing. The technique used in generating test cases may lead to effective and efficient software testing process. Many techniques have been proposed to generate test cases.(More)