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In a 1-year-long prospective longitudinal study, we determined the causes of loss of 'Sonali' (male symbol Rhode Island Red x female symbol Fayoumi) chickens at key-rearers' households of the smallholder livestock development project-2 (SLDP-2) area in Bangladesh. A key rearer is a smallholder of chickens in the 'village poultry-production chain'(More)
The seed coat is important for embryo protection, seed hydration, and dispersal. Seed coat composition is also of interest to the agricultural sector, since it impacts the nutritional value for humans and livestock alike. Although some seed coat genes have been identified, the developmental pathways controlling seed coat development are not completely(More)
This project presents a linear zed, three-phase, and distribution class state estimation algorithm for applications in smart distribution systems. Unbalanced three-phase cases and single-phase cases are accommodated. The estimator follows a complex variable formulation and is intended to incorporate synchronized phasor measurements into distribution state(More)
Senescence is an active process allowing the reallocation of valuable nutrients from the senescing organ towards storage and/or growing tissues. Using Arabidopsis thaliana leaves from both whole darkened plants (DPs) and individually darkened leaves (IDLs), we investigated the fate of mitochondria and chloroplasts during dark-induced leaf senescence.(More)
A serologic survey was undertaken in chickens in smallholdings in Bangladesh for avian influenza A virus (AIV), egg drop syndrome '76 virus (EDS'76V), infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and reovirus (RV) in three phases: January 2002-May 2003, September 2003-August 2004, and August 2005-March 2006. Four hundred thirty-six sera(More)
A panel of seven SR1 tobacco mutants (ATER1 to ATER7) derived via T-DNA activation tagging and screening for resistance to a microtubule assembly inhibitor, ethyl phenyl carbamate, were used to study the role of microtubules during infection and spread of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). In one of these lines, ATER2, alpha-tubulin is shifted from the(More)
To determine the epidemiology of outbreaks of avian influenza A virus (subtypes H5N1, H9N2) in chickens in Bangladesh, we conducted surveys and examined virus isolates. The outbreak began in backyard chickens. Probable sources of infection included egg trays and vehicles from local live bird markets and larger live bird markets.
We determined the flock sizes and rates of loss caused by different factors in broody-hen chicks (BHC) up to 60 days of age on 600 randomly selected smallholdings in Bangladesh. The smallholders were beneficiaries of a village poultry production chain called 'Smallholder Livestock Development Project-2' (SLDP-2) which was undertaken with the financial(More)
The Arabidopsis thaliana KNAT7 (KNOX family) and MYB75 (MYB family) transcription factors were each shown earlier to interact in yeast two-hybrid assays, and to modulate secondary cell wall formation in inflorescence stems. We demonstrate here that their interaction also occurs in vivo, and that specific domains of each protein mediate this process. The(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study is to investigate the feasibility of transdermal drug delivery of Labetalol Hydrochloride (LHCl) and to study the effect of different penetration enhancers on the skin permeability of LHCl. METHODS The permeability experiments were conducted using a horizontal glass diffusion cell with a diffusional area of 2.37(More)